Christopher Companies at Countryside in Loudoun County, VA

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Christopher Companies is coming to Loudoun County!

This page is to be used or informational purposes only and is subject to change at any time. Please direct any questions you may have in the comment box form below and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.  Also to note, this property is still under a research period and is not yet under construction.

Description of the Property

The Christopher Companies has contracted to purchase several parcels of land totaling approximately 235 acres located west of Algonkian Parkway, north of the Countryside community and south of the Potomac River.  The property contains a significant amount of flood plain and a portion of the site is a former landfill being remediated by the EPA.  The property is currently zoned A-3, allowing for residential development with a minimum lot size of 3 acres.  The Loudoun County Comprehensive Plan shows the area in the County’s “Suburban” Development Area, allowing for residential development up to 4 dwelling units per acre and can be increased to 6 dwelling units per acre for infill developments.

Purpose of the Discussion Board

This discussion board was created for several purposes: To allow us to share our vision for the development of the property. Answer questions from the community. Obtain input from the community. Provide updates concerning the property as they become available.

Status of the Project

The Christopher Companies is the contract purchaser of the property and will need to “rezone” and “engineer” the property prior to the start of development.  The “rezoning” and “engineering” process will take approximately two years to accomplish.

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*This is a very large piece of property with many environmental and historic aspects to it that are still being researched and identified. Please note, this page is a work in process and is subject to change at any time.

Please direct any questions you have in the form below and someone will address them as soon as possible. Please note, any responses that do not include any questions will not be addressed.

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