Can I walk through my home while it is under construction?

The homebuilding process is a hectic and exciting time. There are many dangerous conditions on a home site that are not immediately obvious. Therefore, we would ask that you not walk the construction site of your home on your own. Please call your sales professional to arrange a tour of your home. Your sales professional will provide you a hard hat for your safety and walk you through your home, answering any questions that you may have. It is our policy to lock the house one month prior to settlement for security reasons.

How long has The Christopher Companies been in business?

The Christopher Companies opened its doors in 1974 under the competent leadership of Mr. Fred Kober, who still serves as Chairman of the Board today. Building first in the Northern Virginia market, Christopher began building in the Tidewater region of Virginia in the 1980s.

What is the typical time frame needed to build a home?

While there are many variables that effect home building, once land development is complete and a building permit is in hand, it is typically a four to five month process from foundation to settlement.

What is the required deposit to purchase a Christopher home?

Deposits vary from community to community. Please see your sales manager for details.